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Secure Connecting Branches
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Established a QawiSoft for accounting and inventory solutions in 2009 in the field of accounting systems and inventory management, keeping pace with what is technically new, taking into account the accounting aspects and administrative controls to provide strong, flexible software solutions in the field of business, allowing entrepreneurs and their administrative cadres to manage their business with all Ease . And because the excellence of the team work with highly efficient administrative and programming experience, we were able to serve you with the best systems and solutions at a high level. And that juice would not be what it is now without us sharing ideas with you as success partners.

Our technical solutions are unique in the strength of performance in dealing with companies, institutions and commercial stores with many branches, as they were characterized by administrative flexibility, ease of control and control of points of sale, widespread sales branches, high performance and a variety of rapid market decision-making events.


The QawiSoft is a comprehensive and integrated accounting system designed specifically to facilitate the accounting work of commercial establishments and contain a large number of features and a set of tools to understand and manage the financial side of commercial establishments in all its fields, which makes it one of the best multi-use accounting and warehouse systems in the Arab world

In order to contribute to the development of society and meet the needs of the market and save time and effort for the owners of businesses, we have provided the finest services to develop trade and puberty to the best levels, overcoming all obstacles, and providing all the support through finding a small, technical and technical way to adjust your business to keep it in your hands wherever you are

Connecting electronic stores with accounting software

Creating and designing special programs and applications

Supporting the calculation of value tax